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About the Project

Telecola — is a service which makes it is easy and convenient to watch Russian media in USA. Russian media content are not only broadcasted live on the Internet, but are also stored in the archive for four weeks.

You can view media content with a set-top box, computer and laptop. Download the Telecola mobile app for your smartphones and tablets on Google Play and App Store. High quality broadcasting is ensured by modern technologies for adapting the image to the speed of the Internet connection. Good quality picture with an Internet speed of 2 Mbps.

Telecola offers depending on your region and the device media content of various subjects: central and local news, entertainment, sports, children, music in standard and HD resolution.

Telecola guarantees the safety and reliability of the service for our viewers. This makes it possible to use service at home or on the go.

Telecola is also a BIG Prime HD video library, more than 100,000 recordings: comedies, melodramas, thrillers, dramas, fantasy, as well as family films and cartoons in HD quality in Russian and English.

To connect to the Telecola service Watch For Free button get the login and password for viewing, install the necessary applications on your tablet or smartphone - and enjoy watching Russian and national media content for 3 days. To prolong the test period to 7 days, contact our Sales Department.